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Illusion maker




“We live in a vale of illusions produced by our brains. ” Disillusioned ones felt deceived and started to question the veracity of the world as is commonly considered “the real”.

“Put me back into the Vat!” The Illusion Maker came into being right in the time when the disillusioned looked into the ugly truth of things that lies under the surface.

In actual fact, the Illusion Maker was created during the pandemic’s height. As the sensual relation to ”Mother Nature” was occluded, my attention was naturally shifted to the small space, where I and hundreds of millions of tiny creatures live together, though going unnoticed for years.

The world is pervaded by countless things, either invisible to the naked eye or unfathomable to unreflective minds, be it microscopic, symbolic, mystified, or unknowable (probably in the Kantian sense). From the micro to the macro, photography to painting, hidden bodies to unknowable spirits, the uncharted territory is vast, but the most satisfying journey for a virtuoso of any sort begins right on the brink of the known world.

Through the lens, human faculties have been so magnified and augmented as to allow an ordinary person to observe what was so out of human reach in the past — planets light-years away, and to sense what was completely unobserved though existing with us since the very beginning — amoebae and photons. However, the inevitable question then is: do we actually see something through the lens, or is it just another type of creation of images as is with the case of painting?

A touch of artificiality almost resembling brush strokes I accidentally discovered when exploring in the Microcosmos inclined me to believe that both photography and painting oscillate between abstraction and representation, mediated by reason, and both are doomed to be obfuscated by their mediation.


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